About Daphne


Daphne Benedis-Grab is the award winning author of the Secrets and Lies Novels, companion middle grade books that include I Know Your Secret, I Know You’re Lying and I Will Find You, as well as the young adult book The Girl in the Wall. Her middle grade book The Angel Tree was made into a Hallmark Original movie. She earned her MFA from The New School and is the librarian at Alameda Jr/Sr High, in Lakewood, Colorado, a job she loves. She lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband, two teens and cat Tango.

Extra Details:

*I grew up in a small town but lived in New York City for 25 years before moving to Colorado.

*I love the beach and have a tattoo of seagulls on my left arm.

*My favorite kind of cookie is oatmeal chocolate chip and berry pie is my favorite dessert.

*When I was eight I read Beverly Cleary’s RAMONA THE PEST twenty times because I loved it so much.

*Lois Duncan was my favorite author when I was a teenager except for KILLING MR GRIFFIN because it is just too sad. THEY NEVER CAME HOME is my favorite.

*I still love to read pictures books. MILO IMAGINES THE WORLD by Matt de la Pena is my favorite right now.

*The first movie I saw was the original STAR WARS and it’s still one of my movie top ten.

* Number one on my movie top ten is THE USUAL SUSPECTS. BARBIE is number 2.

*I also love the Marvel movies. BLACK PANTHER, CAPTAIN AMERICA WINTER SOLDIER and SPIDERMAN are my favorites.

*I don’t play sports but I like watching football, especially the Colorado University Buffaloes.

*Other things I like: swimming, hiking, coffee, chocolate and sleeping late.

*Things I dislike: big spiders, getting stuck out in the rain and cheese.

*Any other details you are curious about? Send me an email and I’ll fill you in!

At a reading for The Angel Tree.




Tango helping me write 🙂